Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Art of Sloth i.e. "Vacationing"/Trouble with Planning

Ah, to "plan" a vacation!  As I write I'm in sunny Isla Verde Puerto Rico-right next to Old San Juan.  I'm on my honeymoon with my beautiful wife Vanessa!  
To plan a vacation is somewhat of an oxymoron if you are planning on enjoying yourself.  The very sense/definition of taking a vacation is in fact the pursuit of vacating your regular existence, responsibilities, workload, etc.  
I've always appreciated the statement-"you can't get lost if you don't care where you're going"! 
 To me, this should be the mantra of anyone truly looking to embody the proverbial "Act" of vacationing.  By setting anything more than generalized benchmarks that we'd like to see happen during our time of rest and reflection we are in fact only setting ourselves up for an even greater sense of stress, frustration, and exhaustion at the end of what is supposed to be invigorating our return to our regular daily existence.  I can't even count how many people I've talked to that said they needed a "vacation after their vacation".
In the past I've been somewhat known for not taking "real" vacations.  Ask anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to get me to settle in and relax for more than a day at a time.  Maybe it is something that comes with age, or maybe I'm just getting lazy and resting on the so called laurels that I've garnered over the years of my adventures past, but I have found in this particular instance that truly resting and relaxing is in fact the way to go.
It is somewhat funny that Vanessa has in fact been-and I'm not sure frustrated is the right word, but I'll use it anyway-with the fact that we're not "getting enough done" on this vacation.  It's probably because I'm older or maybe because I see the future of having kids and the time that we'll be separated by my time on the road, but I say revel in it!  Revel in the fact that we do have time to do NOTHING!  Revel in the fact that we are together Alone!  Revel in the fact that we can do it all, or do nothing at all, and the only people we have to clear it with is one another!
Admittedly I'm anxious to get back to regular workout days, doing the things that we do everyday when we're in our own space-especially at the Estes Cabin, but in the line of work that we're in, being able to actually unload the suitcase for more than a day is well.....pretty awesome!

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